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Top Questions to Ask your Real Estate Broker

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Buying and selling a house or property is not an easy task and, most often, isn’t a job you can accomplish by yourself. What you need is a Real Estate Broker to intervene and make the process a lot easier.

However, this doesn’t mean you should hire the first white-collar personnel to offer an enticing résumé. There are a bunch of facts you need to extract from them to get an insight into their qualifications. These questions are also important for you to hire not just the right, but the best Real Estate Broker.

What’s The Job Of A Real Estate Broker?

Okay, one quick stop before we proceed. Do you know exactly what a Real Estate Broker does?

A Real Estate Broker is an agent in charge of representing the client interested in the buying and selling processes of Real Estate.

The agent guides the client through the rigorous paperwork and acts as the liaison between the selling and buying parties. Also, a Real Estate agent takes care of finding the right property amongst a list of lucrative properties before it gets listed to the public.

Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

1. Level Of Experience

There’s nothing as vital as the wealth of experience boasted by your Real Estate Broker. An experienced professional has seen it all in the business and can anticipate just about anything. This gives you peace of mind and assured success in the real estate market.

2. Part-time Or Full-time?

Now, for the buying or selling process to go smoothly, you need to be clear on the level of dedication the broker has. A part-time Real Estate Broker won’t offer that much dedication due to other businesses. However, a full-time broker takes the job as the top priority.

3. Buyer Or Seller-Based?

What’s your goal in Real Estate? To buy the best properties or sell off some of yours? When you decide this, you need to find the right agent best suited for your goal.

4. Individual Or Group Worker?

Will you be working with a single agent throughout the process? Or should you expect other members of the real estate broker consortium to fill in at different points?

5. Number Of Clients

How many clients is the broker currently representing? Will the number be too much to handle if you join the list?

6. Any References?

How many customers have been satisfied by the services of the Real Estate Broker over the course of his/her career? Can you contact these customers and hear their reviews? Hearing first-hand from previous clients is a vital way to assess the agent.

7. Hours Of Availability

How much time do you get to spend with your agent on a daily and/or weekly basis? You can use this to assess the potential speed and duration of the process.

To get more in-depth and specific with your screening, here are some seller and buyer-based questions to ask a Real Estate Broker.

  • For The Purpose Of Buying:

· Buying Strategies

· Access to listing services

· Number of closed homes

· The success rate in previous years

  • For The Purpose Of Selling:

· Marketing plan

· The success rate in terms of houses sold

· Source of listing services

· How to prep the house for sale

Wrapping Up

You definitely have your goals when going into Real Estate. Asking the right questions through an employer-employee format will give you an insight into the rate of success with the Real Estate Broker.


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