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Non Warrantable Condo Loan

Image by Ryan Parker

What is it?

A Non Warrantable Condo is any condo that does not meet all of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac’s guidelines lending requirements and will not be bought on the market. Many lenders consider financing a mortgage for this type of property to be too risky which can make it harder to finance.

We work with the top lenders who will do financing for Florida non warrantable condos.
Here are some of the factors that generally make a condo non-warrantable:
  • Over 50% of the units are not owner-occupied.

  • The complex allows short-term rentals.

  • The project is not yet completed.

  • A single person owns more than 10% of the total units.

  • The complex / HOA is under current litigation.

  • The Association does not have adequate reserves

Loans are available for primary residents and investment properties.
Generally theses loans may require a higher down payment and/or a higher interest rate.
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