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Bank Statement Loan

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What is it?

A bank statement loan is a creative loan program which requires borrowers to provide the last 12 or 24 months bank statements instead of tax returns and paystubs.

Bank Statement loans are perfect fit for self-employed borrowers who are unable to
document income with tax returns. Our lender provides flexibility for the borrower that
cannot obtain financing with traditional tax returns. We know borrowers should not miss
out on the opportunity of home ownership just because they don’t fit into the box that
traditional, out-dated lenders require.
To apply for your home loan using bank statements only, no tax returns are required.
Minimum 10% down for primary residents and 20% for investment properties.
The lender uses your business/income deposits and averages them over 1 or 2 years to
determine if you can produce sufficient income to warrant an approval for your mortgage loan.
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